segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2010

First impressions lasting expressions

Daren marshall, The Coca Cola Company

Creating value through specialness, creating specialness through experiences. Can you remeber your first Coca Cola? I remeber mine. It was so special.... At the end of the day, because I have good memories, that create value for me. One thing is soda, another one Coca Cola. That's why brand Coca Cola becomes so special.

Special brands are made for special people at special occasions. Coca Cola is a multisense and unique experience. Is an icon of positiveness, a connection. Marketing exists to convince people to buy a brand based on experience at retail, that has to be special experience.

In the street, in the store on the shelf. This is special. More special. Two different persons go to the same store, looking for the same product, but see different things. Both will spend U$3,50 in a Coca Cola bottle. Both create value, but with different economics. One size of bottle does not fit all the values.

Have fun Stamping Experiences!

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